What Is Water Hardness & How To Remove It From Your Water

Water hardness is typically caused by a large number of minerals and rocks that are dissolved and finds its water in your water. Calcium and Magnesium are the two main minerals that cause hard water.  The water that you drink and use in your appliances and other plumbing in your home is considered to be hard if one of the two minerals is present. Sedimentary rock such as limestones dissolved in your water system and cause an increase in hardness. When hardness is present in your water it makes it really difficult to make suds resulting in using significantly much more soap to get the job done. The hardness that is present in your water prevents your friendly bubble monster from coming out to play.

The legend of the Bubble Monster

Unlike the monsters of lore that tend to hide
like Nessie, Bigfoot, and the Yeti
this monster’s real and waiting inside

After a great day at play
In the mud with your favorite toys and sticks
Mom claims a bath is in order and will do the trick

“Into the tub, you dirty children must go”
With a few inches of water
And magic potion to see what will grow

The water is powerfully flowing
The bubbles are forming
By now the foam is surely showing

Time to add the children to the frothy heap
Wait, what’s this, don’t be alarmed or troubled
It’s a lovable monster coming from those bubbles

Barbie’s, boats, and ducks that float
Will keep the Bubble Monster at bay
At least until it’s time for bed and the end of play

Your Bubble Monster!

Let your little bubble monsters keep having fun while taking a bath. With our softeners, you will make more suds and bubbles with less soap.

How to Remove Hardness From Your Water

Now that we have discovered who the real bubble monster is, it is time to get rid of the hardness in your water. Getting rid of the hardness will result in more bubbles that will allow your little bubble monsters to enjoys their time of play. Ideal Water provides a number of ways to remove the harness and make your water soft and great. Water Softeners are the number one method of removing hardness. Below are the most effective water softer to get your water back in its best and soft state.

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