$2,495 Nutri-Stahl Cooking Ware Set Complimentary Gift

Get Our Complementary $2,495 Brand New Cooking Ware Set


Crafted from the finest non-reactive and hygienic stainless steel, Nutri-Stahl Cookware is simply the healthiest method of food preparation available. With it’s energy efficient “Nutri-Thermic” base, Nutri-Stahl conducts heat quickly and evenly allowing you to prepare vegetables at low heat settings, thereby preserving vitamins, nutrients and minerals at a 10x greater rate than conventional, store bought cookware. The Nutri-Stahl “Temp-Alert” knob ensures that you are cooking at the proper temperature, making it a breeze to cook meats without grease, fats or oils for optimal health. Lifetime guaranteed and designed to work on all types of cooktops, including induction ranges, the Nutri-Stahl 22 piece sets normally retails for $2,495.00 but, by special arrangement with the manufacturer, we are pleased to offer this exceptional collection of culinary tools with our compliments with your investment in any Ideal Water softener and conditioning system!


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This promotion is for our service area only.

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