Drinking Water Treatment

The number of treatments and chemicals that go into your tap water by your Public Water System depends on the location and source and the quality of the water. What you should take from this is that it is a lot. The addition of any form of the chemical is not prohibited in bottled water because it could alter the natural balance of minerals in the water. Most American are now buying bottled water because they suspect that their tap water is unsafe. The downside to this is bolted water over a period of time and can be very expensive. Our drinking water system gives you the same or even better quality water. Stop buying bottled water and save and drink safer water. Below is a list of filters to chose from.

Counter Top Water Dispenser

Comes with two-stage filtration to remove sediment, chlorine, chemicals, taste and odors.

Floor Model Water Dispenser

Filtration build-in Both dispensers come with filtration to provide clean, fresh filtered water without chlorine, chemicals taste or odors! Order today!

Replace Filter Cartridge

In order for us to replace your filter cartridges you must be a valid customer of Ideal Water Co & must be signed in. Please call us at 352-289-3022 to become a valid Ideal Water Co customer.


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